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It’s Never Too Early to PLAN

By: Mark Lenske Actually, I believe we should always be in the mindset of “what’s next”.  In business and in our personal lives, we spend an awful lot of time planning our next move: the next promotion, potential remodel,  the next purchase, the next expansion, the next family vacation and so on.  We do this [...]

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Opportunities for FECs with Retail Industry in a State of Flux

By: Lance Treankler The shift of family entertainment from malls to standalone locations has been quite dramatic over the past 25 years. In the 1990s you could find an arcade in many of the malls in the United States. Today it isn’t as frequent as many family entertainment centers are popping up as standalone locations. [...]

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Jump Start

By: Gina Angeli Everything worthwhile is uphill.  -John C. Maxwell                                 The Village of companies that Bay Tek Games belongs to was built on and will continue to grow on the foundation of a dream. The dream to provide opportunity [...]

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ROI of Game Purchases

The ROI of game purchases are often portrayed as the cost of the game divided by gross sales.  Of course, the gross sales vary greatly from location to location.  Almost everyone takes that into account when considering game purchases.  However, there are three other variables that should be considered and are often overlooked. 1) The [...]

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