Road Trip

Road Trip

Jump In! This Road Trip takes players through three great American cities, Chicago, Denver, & Hollywood, where players are offered prizes at each of the three levels for spinning enough miles!

Step up and spin the wheel by simply pulling the handle up and giving it a big push down. When the wheel stops, players are rewarded with the mileage shown on the wheel.

Scoring enough miles at Level 1 gives the players a choice to select a Small Prize or play on to Level 2 for the chance to win a Medium Prize. Win Level 2 and choose again, take the Medium Prize or play on to Level 3 where a player can win a desired Large Prize.

Road Trip Selections:
Select Small Prize Design - Capsule or Spindle

Game Specifications:
Dimensions: 35" W x 32" D x 78.5" H
Weight: 525 LBS.
Shipping Weight: 565 LBS.
Shipping Dimensions: 40"W x 40"D x 83"H
Power: @110V: 1.5 amps
@220V: 0.75 amps
Metric Dimensions: 89cm W x 81cm D x 199cm H
Weight: 238 KG
Shipping Weight: 256 KG

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