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Cannonball Blast

Cannonball Blast

Bay Tek’s latest novelty shooting game will have players at sea with all-new Cannonball Blast. Players shoot balls at the pirate ship in hopes of knocking down the wooden planks. Knock down all 6 planks in 3 shots or less and get a chance at the bonus by hitting all 6 planks again with the remaining shots!  Cannonball Blast is a great addition to Bay Tek’s existing shooting game, Horse Play. Bank the games for an impressive line up in any game room.

Game Specifications:
Dimensions: 47.5"W x 100"D x 88"H
  *80"D without stools
Weight: 1000 LBS.
Shipping Weight: 1115 LBS.
(1 of 3)  
Shipping Weight: 405 LBS.
Shipping Dimensions: 55"W x 32"D x 75"H
(2 of 3)  
Shipping Weight: 425 LBS.
Shipping Dimensions: 55"W x 48"D x 68"H
(3 of 3)  
Shipping Weight: 285 LBS.
Shipping Dimensions:
55"W x 32"D x 58"H 
Power: @110V: 2 amps
@220V: 1 amp

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