Bike Rally

Bike Rally

Want to take a road trip? How about going to a bike rally? Strap the helmet, jump on, and rev that motor! Bay Tek's ever popular Road Trip is now available with a motorcycle theme, Bike Rally.

Bike Rally takes players to three rally hot spots, Laconia, New Hampshire, Milwaukee Wisconsin, & Sturgis, South Dakota. Players are offered prizes at each of the three levels for spinning enough miles!

Having the same features and benefits of Road Trip, Bike Rally has the same play value, so step up and spin the wheel by simply pulling the handle up and giving it a big push down. When the wheel stops, players are awarded with the mileage shown on the wheel.

Scoring enough miles at Level 1 gives the players a choice to select a Small Prize or play on to Level 2 for the chance to win a Medium Prize. Win Level 2 and choose again, take the Medium Prize or play on to Level 3 where a player can win a desired Large Prize.

Black Cabinet
Small Prize Design: Capsule or Spindle

Game Specifications:
Dimensions: 35" W x 32" D x 78.5"H
Weight: 525 LBS.
Shipping Weight: 565 LBS.
Shipping Dimensions: 40"W x 40"D x 83"H
Power: @110V: 1.5 amps
@220V: 0.75 amps

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