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Crank It Revolution

Crank It Revolution

Gear up for Bay Tek’s bright and colorful novelty ticket redemption game, Crank It Revolution! Players step up to the two-player game, pull the handle up and give it a big push down to spin the drum. Players are rewarded with tickets dependent upon where the drum stops. Spin it just right to land on a bonus target and you are rewarded with a Free Spin! Land on another bonus target and win the Bonus Jackpot!!!

Game Specifications:
Dimensions: 57.5"W x 39"D x 83"H
Weight: 770 LBS.
Shipping Weight: 820 LBS.
Shipping Dimensions: 64"W x 44"D x 88"H
Power: @110V: 2.5 amps
@220V: 1.25 amps
Metric Dimensions: 146cm W x 99cm D x 211cm H
Weight: 349 KG
Shipping Weight: 372 KG

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