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Customer’s Frame of Mind   By: Adam Ambrosius

As Lean practices become more and more part of our business worlds; manufacturers are looking at the different tools for continuous improvement that do more than just speed up processes.  While our production and engineering teams are still busy diving into processes to becoming more efficient during production, other areas of our business use the Lean tools a bit differently.    

With learnings from multiple opportunities to work side by side with our customers during game room installs or just simply placing a new product for the first time, we are able to step into our customers shoes.  These experiences make us better and create exposure to something we don’t generally do.  The knowledge we gain from these installation times is brought back and used to make changes on our end that will benefit all our customers moving forward. 

By understanding the tools in the Lean toolbox and while living in the customers shoes during installs we apply a Lean term called Poka-Yoke to some of our early development and design for manufacturing stages of our products.  Poka-Yoke means; simply “mistake proof”.   This mind set allows us to design in a manner that does not allow things to be assembled incorrectly or plugged in wrong. In essence this Lean tool and our exposure during installs allow us to try to “dummy” down our games installation process along with using common parts and tools.

We hope our Lean education and what we have learned in the field will allow our customers to setup of products with the same tools from game to game and with very little time invested and instruction needed.  This will allow for better and more quickly installs of our products.


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