Bay Tek Entertainment was founded in 1977 and is a family owned and operated business that is driven to provide fun and profit through innovative ticket redemption games. Headquartered in the heart of the Midwest, Pulaski, Wisconsin is home to Bay Tek Entertainment. The rural community in Northeast Wisconsin populates over 3,500 citizens where hard work, fun, and simplicity meet. The employees share one vision of becoming the best in the world at developing and manufacturing ticket redemption games.


The Bay Tek Family provides fun and profit through innovative entertainment products and services.


To be the best in the world at creating awesome entertainment for people of all ages.


Fun – Innovation – Leadership – Trust – Excellence – Respect

We’re not just companies. We’re a Family.

The Village logo

Our Village encompasses and owns a diverse group of various companies in three complementary competencies; manufacturing, innovation and community service. We are 515 employees strong centered around our common Core Values. Combining each of these market focuses allows us to have a very unique perspective and group of resources to develop innovative solutions, products and experiences that few others can even dream of offering. To that end, these are the four guiding principles we live by:

To work with people we love and care about.

To create opportunities for the people we love and care about.

To make a difference in the lives of our customers and suppliers.

To run successful businesses so we can give back to the communities we live in and work in.

Meet the Bay Tek Team

Larry Treankler

Favorite Game: Big Bass Wheel


Holly Hampton

Director of Innovation
Favorite Game: Grand Piano Keys


Pat Scanlan

Director of Product Development
Favorite Game: Connect 4 Hoops


Shannon Herbst

Director of Operations
Favorite Game: Squiggle


Anna Heck

Account Manager
Favorite Game: Trolls


Mark Lenske

International Sales Manager
Favorite Game: Quik Drop


Lance Treankler

International Sales
Favorite Game: Super Shot


Kylee Treankler

Inside Sales
Favorite Game: Tower of Tickets


Dan Jahnke

Service Manager
Favorite Game: Willy Crash


Join our Family

1975 1975

Northeastern Wisconsin Electric was started by Melvin Treankler, Bob Wech, Giles Blazer, and Bob Ward as an electrical engineer firm.

1977 1977

After being asked to solve a problem for the carnival market, the company decides to change direction and incorporate as Bay Tek, Inc. and starts producing games. The first Rolldown game was born.

1983 1983

After years of experience and dedication, Carl and Larry Treankler, sons of Melvin, buy out the remaining owners, making Bay Tek a true family business.

1984 1984

From humble beginnings in the basement of the Treankler’s home, to rented space, the Treankler’s move to a new building in Oneida,WI with their sister company, MCL.

1985 1985

The enhancement of microprocessors enabled Bay Tek to add electronic ticket dispensers to their games, this launched Bay Tek into the coin-operated arena as the industry started to take off.

1993 1993

As the business grows, more space is needed and Bay Tek moves from sister-company, MCL to current location in Pulaski, WI.

1994 1994

As competition increases in the coin-op industry, Bay Tek strategically added light pattern games to their line up, like Air It Out, now producing two product categories, light pattern and rolldowns.

1995 1995

Bug Bash was born, Bay Tek’s first Alley Bowler, giving them a broader product line.

1996 1996

Bay Tek Games expands product line by creating an interactive gumball machine.

1997 1997

Coin Concepts was purchased, adding four titles to Bay Tek’s product line; Home Run Hitter, Hitter’s Rally, Six Gun Saloon, and Buzzy Buzzy Bee, this was just the start of Bay Tek’s growth by acquisition strategy.

1999 1999

Another acquisition takes place, Seidel Amusements was acquired. Their manufacturing facility continued to stay open in New Mexico. Some of Bay Tek’s greatest successes came from the purchase of this competitor including Wonder Wheel, Smokin’ Token, Goin’ Rollin’, Horsin’ Around, and Speed Demon.

2000 2000

Bay Tek starts producing their first prize redemption game, Whistle Stop. This move enters them into a new market, street locations.

2002 2002

After three years of running two manufacturing facilities, Bay Tek decides to move the New Mexico plant to their headquarters in Pulaski, WI. Fast growth spurts and acquistions, lead to cramped quarters. Bay Tek decides to add on to their building for a third time, giving them a total now of 42,460 sq. ft.

2004 2004

Victory Lane Ideas out of South Carolina was purchased, this acquisition brought Bay Tek a new concept of slot-less racing with Stock Car Challenge. This is their fourth acquisition in eight years.

2005 2005

Bay Tek decides it’s time for a makeover and they change their name and update their logo and brand efforts. As of April 2005, Bay-Tek, Inc. legally became Bay Tek Games, Inc.

2005 2005 October

Bay Tek's 5,200 sq ft of storage space is reconstructed to accompany the new Product Development Team. This brings them up to almost 48,000 sq ft.

2005 2008

Big Bass Wheel is launched. This wheel game is one of the best-selling redemption games of all time, despite being launched during an especially difficult economic climate.

2009 2009

New Brand Initiative - Bay Tek Games creates a tagline that helps continue to build its brand - Passion In. Fun Out. Meaning that each and every employee puts passion into each and every game they design and develop.

2010 2010

Bay Tek continues to grow; a 3200 sq ft addition to the main building was constructed to make room for additional CNC router, increase production efficiencies via product flow, and gain additional storage. Bay Tek also purchased a 4900 sq ft building next door to accommodate a growing product development team.

2010 2010

Bay Tek receives the biggest order in history from HEB Grocery Stores in Texas. They purchased more than 400 custom HEB Buddy machines for their customer loyalty program.

2011 2011

Bay Tek enters bar market with Beer Ball.

2012 2012

Bay Tek launches their innovative self-contained prize redemption center, Prize Hub.

2015 2015

Bay Tek expands technological capacity by becoming majority owner of Zymo Interactive, a digital app development firm.

2016 2016

Bay Tek Games purchases fifth competitor, Skee-Ball, Inc., adding the 1908 brand that is beloved by millions.

2018 2018 January

Bay Tek acquires San Francisco-based licensing firm, Dimensional Branding Group.

2018 2018 November

Bay Tek changes its name from Bay Tek Games to Bay Tek Entertainment. They also double their building size from about 40,000 square feet to over 90,000 square .