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Horse Play

Horse Play

Saddle Up with Bay Tek's Horse Play. The player shoots balls to knock down the horse’s teeth to win tickets. Knock down all six teeth in three shots or less and the teeth will reset giving you the chance to knock all six down again with the remaining shots to win the bonus!  Offering simplicity and excitement, Horse Play makes the perfect update or addition to your shooting game line up.

Bay Tek's shooting games require one air compressor for each 2 player game with a minimum air pressure of 85 psi, Bay Tek recommends a 20 gallon tank.

Game Specifications:
Dimensions: 47.5" W x 100" D x 88"H
  *80"D w/o stools
Weight: 1000 LBS.
Shipping Weight: 1115LBS.
(1 of 3)  
Shipping Weight: 405 LBS.
Shipping Dimensions: 55"W x 32"D x 75"H
(2 of 3)  
Shipping Weight: 425 LBS.
Shipping Dimensions: 55"W x 48"D x 68"H
(3 of 3)  
Shipping Weight: 285 LBS.
Shipping Dimensions:
55"W x 32"D x 58"H 
Power: @110V: 2 amps
@220V: 1 amp

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