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Grand Piano Keys

Grand Piano Keys

Worthy of a Standing Ovation!

Grand Piano Keys' beautifully lit, attention-grabbing cabinet and marquee, along with the fun, simple game play will have aspiring musicians flocking back time and again to beat their high scores!

With the option of a 1-player solo or a 2-player duet, the competitive nature and player-paced play of Grand Piano Keys appeals to all ages. Simply hit the oversized novelty key that matches the colored square on the 60" monitor to play a variety of well- known tunes, accumulating tickets as you go! The faster and more accurately you play, the more tickets you win!

Game Specifications:
Dimensions: 66"W x 74"D x 111"H
(80"H without marquee)
(44"D without bench)
Weight: 870 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: (1 of 2) 72"W x 54"D x 85"H
(2 of 2) 68"W x 38"D x 23"H
Shipping Weight: (1 of 2) 995 lbs.
(2 of 2) 140 lbs.
Power: 3 amps @ 110 VAC
1.5 amps @ 220 VAC
Metric Dimensions: 168cm W x 188cm D x 282cm H
(203cm H without marquee)
(112cm D without bench)
Weight: 395 KG
Shipping Weight: 451 KG

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